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Japan - NZ Used Vehicle Import Service
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Source quality used vehicles directly from Japan for  the lowest possible cost.
You are in charge of selection and price. The process is transparent and open.
The System:
Yahoo Auctions Japan are an immensely popular market place very similar to for individuals in Japan buying and selling a wide range of goods including used motor vehicles.
We offer a full proxy bidding service, inshore trucking and shipping clearance free-on-board (FOB) for individuals wishing to purchase and import used vehicles to New Zealand.
Car parts, Alloys and other accessories can be purchased by negotiation.
The Costs:
Our fee is JPY50,000 per vehicle plus customs clearance and trucking making a total cost of approximately JPY98,000 to get your car free on board a ship to New Zealand.
From purchase in Japan to on-road in New Zealand there are a number of costs along the way.
Please click here for a detailed analysis and calculation tool for the on-road cost of your particular car.

Click Here to calculate On Road Costs

How To Order:

Click on any of the Manufacturers links in the navigation bar to go to the Yahoo Auction model listing.
Click on your desired model to see the current listing of individual vehicles.
The pages are displayed in Japanese and your computer will need Japanese character support.

You can get help translating the webpage using the Babelfish Online Translation link below.

Click Here for Babelfish Online Translation

The translation is rough but good enough for you to get an idea about the vehicle you are looking at.
If you are having trouble finding a suitable vehicle please contact us and we can search your requirements and will usually find something you will be happy with.
Once a vehicle has been found that matches your requirements and budget, cut and paste the URL of the listing and mail it to us along with your maximum bid.  We will then bid up to your authorised limit.
If your bid is successful, the F.O.B cost is payable within 5 days.
Once shipping documentation has been completed you will be couriered the documentation and given contact details for customs brokers at your nearest port.

The Fine Print:
1. Warranties:
These vehicle are sourced from private sellers utilising the Yahoo Japan Online Auction system and as such they are bought on a sight unseen and as-is where-is basis.
However it is worth noting that most Japanese cars are well maintained and as a selection tool you should look at the auction feedback record of the seller and if he/she has sold a number of items and has been positively appraised by previous buyers then you can buy with a reasonable degree of confidence.
2. LTSA Compliance:
The NZ Land Transport Safety Authority has introduced new safety standards that have impacted on the types of vehicles that can be imported and driven on New Zealand roads. 
While all care is taken to advise customers regarding a specific vehicle compliance. No responsibility can be taken if a vehicle cannot be licensed due to non-compliance.
Full information is available on the LTSA website link below.

Click Here for LTSA information on importing vehicles to New Zealand

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